About our family

We are :

Myriam (11/13/64) and Daniel (07/06/1959) 

Married 07/08/1983)

Born in the U.K. to missionary parents, Daniel was raised in Belgium and trained at Columbia International University (then Columbia Bible College) and at Wheaton College Graduate School.  In 2012 he completed a Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia International University.    

 Myriam, a Belgian citizen, was raised in a Christian household.  She started a program at the Belgian Bible Institute before they were married in 1983.  They have three daughters (’84, ’86 and ‘88) and 2 sons (‘91 and ‘96) as well as seven grandkids.

 Daniel joined United World Mission in 1980 (Myriam in 1983).  When they had served in Belgium for close to 20 years they were asked to supervise UWM’s ministry in Europe and later in Africa.  After serving in these capacities for over 10 years they asked to be relieved of these responsibilities to concentrate on and deepen their ministry in Belgium and to focus on mentoring and facilitating younger leaders.  In January 2014 Daniel was elected President of “The Forum of Evangelists” and in March 2015 President/chairman of the board of “The Global Evangelists Forum.”  Myriam’s ministry is more centered in Huy where she exercises her gifts of mercy, leadership and teaching.  In August 2020 Daniel was seated on the board of the new “Global Network of Evangelists”.

God has blessed us with:

* Mical (09/20/84) married to Oscar (6/17) MEDINA; Elias 10/6/2013

* Elizabeth (09/10/86) married to Daniel (3/08)l FRAU.  They each bring a son to their family: Enzo (11/30/2004) and Samiel (06/19/2014) + Together Damaris (1/22/2018) + ?? (12/?/2020)

* Rebekah (01/30/88) married to Gregory (7/21/85) GIONCO; Fanny (3/14/11) and Julia (4/3/13)

* Joel (09/13/1991) married to Claudia (4/21/1996) LIBEREK: Emma (8/20/2020)

* Timothy (02/16/1996) married to Divine (2/9/1995) LIBEREK: Yael (12/?/2020)

Contact information:

    Field address:

105, Rue de Leumont

4520 -- Wanze (Antheit)

Belgium (Europe)

     Phone numbers:

Land line in Belgium: 011-32-85-215305

Cell in Belgium: 011-32-498-260783

Cell when in U.S. 216-262-19145

     Email addresses

DanielUWM@me.com and dliberek@wheatonalumni.org